Master the Selective Test (Year 5)

Selective School Exam Preparation

The Swot Shop’s Selective Preparation Program is meticulously designed for high academic achievers, tailored to the rigorous demands of selective high school entry examinations.

Program information

  • Students attend classes once or twice per week for two hours on weekdays and/or weekends.
  • Students can enrol for a semester or a single term.
  • Each term runs for 10 weeks, a semester for 20 weeks.
  • There are no classes during school holidays.
  • Classes start in Term 2 (weekly classes) or Term 3 (condensed program twice weekly classes)
  • It is not possible to enrol once the program has started.

Our program is the key to unlocking the door competitive educational opportunities, providing a solid foundation for students to excel in the selection process.

Program Highlights

  • Focused Curriculum: Concentrating on critical exam areas – Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills, and Writing – our curriculum is aligned with the latest exam formats and requirements.
  • Up-to-Date Learning Materials: We stay ahead of the curve by instantly updating our materials to reflect the latest sample papers and exam styles, ensuring our students are well-prepared for any challenge.
  • Expert Exam Techniques: Our lessons place a significant emphasis on developing exam techniques, enhancing speed, accuracy, and concentration, as well as familiarity with multiple-choice formats.
  • Comprehensive Practice: We provide extensive practice with typical exam questions, reinforcing the skills and knowledge required for success.

Entry Requirements

To join The Swot Shop’s Selective Preparation Program students must sit an entry test to assess their potential for success in the selective school exams.

This program is for dedicated and academically robust students committed to refining their exam techniques to perfection.

Program Timeline

Duration: The program commences in Year 5 and extends to the end of Term 1 of Year 6, providing a comprehensive preparation timeline.

Eligibility: Only students in Year 5 at the time of testing are eligible for the program.

At The Swot Shop, we’re more than a coaching centre; we’re a hub for teaching and learning excellence. Our Selective Preparation Program is an investment in your child’s academic future, fostering the skills and confidence needed to excel in school examinations.

Register for the entry test today and set your child on a path to academic success.