Advanced Enrichment Programs for Years 2 to 7

Unleashing Potential

At The Swot Shop, we believe in the power of enrichment to transform education into an engaging, fulfilling journey. Our tailored programs for Years 2 to 7 are carefully crafted to meet the needs of students who are not just academically adept but are also curious and motivated to go beyond the standard curriculum. With a focus on both intellectual and personal growth, we offer a suite of programs that turn potential into excellence.

Galileo’s Gang: Unique intellectual opportunities to stimulate the mind

Galileo’s Gang is an inspiration for students with intellectual talent. This multi-tiered program provides a rich tapestry of social, recreational, and intellectual activities that foster skills in logic, strategy, and critical thinking. Whether your child is just starting their academic journey or ready to tackle more complex challenges, Galileo’s Gang offers a stimulating environment to thrive in.

  • Junior Level: A world of discovery for young inquisitive minds.
  • Intermediate Level: Building on the foundation, enhancing reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Senior Level: Preparing for the future with advanced intellectual challenges.

Maths Talent: Problem-solving prowess and preparation for academic success

For those with a passion for numbers, our Maths Talent program turns mathematical concepts into a playground of exploration. Here, interest in maths is not just nurtured—it’s celebrated and expanded through activities that push the boundaries of understanding. Our approach enhances problem-solving abilities, ensuring students are well-prepared for academic success and everyday life applications.

Advanced English: Language, Literature and Expression

Our Advanced English programs cater to children in Years 2 to 7 across ability levels and are designed to develop both literary and language skills. From Primary to Secondary levels, students engage with the intricacies of the English language, exploring its potential for creativity, communication, and critical analysis. We celebrate progress at every step, ensuring each student’s journey through literature and language is as rewarding as it is enlightening.

Primary Levels (C, B, A): Fostering a love for reading and building strong effective oral and written communication skills.
Secondary Levels (C and B): Refining comprehension and expression for complex thought.

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