Selective School Success

Comprehensive Exam Preparation

Master exam techniques and conquer academic challenges with The Swot Shop’s targeted Exam Preparation Courses. Tailored to boost speed, accuracy, and success at the OC and Selective School Exams.

Program information

  • Students attend classes in blocks of two hours on weekdays or weekends. Some courses run two per week.
  • Students can enrol for a semester or a single term.
  • Each term runs for 10 weeks, a semester for 20 weeks.
  • There are no classes during school holidays.
  • It is not possible to enrol once the program has started.

At The Swot Shop, our Exam Preparation Courses are meticulously crafted to prepare students for the pinnacle of academic challenges. We understand the importance of examinations in a student’s educational journey and provide a platform for success.

Streamlined Entry Tests

Preparation begins with our specific entry tests, scheduled in the terms leading up to the courses. This initial step is crucial, setting the stage for the focused and intensive learning that follows.

Tailored Program Focus

Our program hones in on the core components of each examination, ensuring no stone is left unturned. With a spotlight on:

  • Exam Technique: We dissect the anatomy (structure) of exams, teaching students the art of tackling various question types with finesse.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Our exercises are designed to enhance quick, precise responses, crucial under the pressure of time-restricted exams.
  • Concentration: We cultivate an environment that bolsters students’ ability to focus, a skill that transcends beyond exams and into all facets of learning.
  • Multiple Choice Mastery: With many exams adopting this format, we provide extensive practice to navigate these with confidence.
  • Real-World Practice: Students engage with typical questions and sample tests, mirroring the actual exam environment for optimal readiness.

Program Eligibility

The Swot Shop prides itself on competitive and challenging programs, suitable for students who demonstrate the academic tenacity to thrive. Our classes include long-term Swot Shop students, deeply invested in mastering exam techniques. For new students seeking entry, academic robustness is paramount to qualify for our selective preparation program.

Entry Requirements

Prospective students must undertake a rigorous entry test. Our standard is set high to ensure that every student admitted has the potential, with the advantage of our course, to excel in their examinations.

It is a demanding journey, reserved for those ready to commit to excellence.

Register for the entry test today and set your child on a path to academic success.

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