STEM Enrichment Program (Year 2 to 7)

Galileo’s Gang

Galileo’s Gang is designed to cater for those with intellectual talent. The program aims to provide social, recreational and intellectual opportunities through extension and enrichment activities.

Program information

  • Students attend classes once per week for two hours on weekdays or weekends.
  • Students can enrol for a semester or a single term.
  • Each term runs for 10 weeks, a semester for 20 weeks.
  • There are no classes during school holidays.
  • Enrolment is possible during mid-term.

Program levels

  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior

Galileo’s Gang operates at three levels – Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The program is skills-based rather than knowledge-based and is designed to:

  • Enhance thinking skills in logic, strategy, memory, analysis, critical and visual thinking.
  • Increase literary and language skills.
  • Improve research skills.
  • Foster an appreciation of learning enquiry and academic excellence.

Teaching techniques use instruction, discussion, discovery, debate and co-operative problem solving. Many of the aims of the program can be met using puzzles, games, quizzes, competitions and fun-type activities in an environment far less formal than a structured school setting. The program includes internal competitions for creative writing, chess, public speaking, general knowledge quizzes, maths, English and science.

The program encourages students to develop a love of learning and positive attitudes to intellectual pursuits through inspirational teaching and the influence of committed peers. Entry to Galileo’s Gang is determined by assessment test score. Promotion from one level to another is influenced by progress, age, maturity, self-esteem and previous exposure to thinking skills. When it is determined that a student needs a greater challenge, upward movement is recommended.

Entry requirements

To be admitted to the Galileo’s Gang program children sit an entry test. It is the most challenging and demanding of our enrichment and extension programs. It requires students to be allrounders who enjoy and benefit from the challenging nature of the course. Entry to Galileo’s Gang is determined by assessment test score. Students must achieve strong academic entry test results in English and Maths to be admitted.

Register for the entry test today and set your child on a path to academic success.