Assessing Academic Fit

Entry Testing

Our programs are specifically developed to enrich and extend the learning of children who are bright motivated learners.

At The Swot Shop, children are taught in classes of max 10-16 students of similar ability and skill level. This provides for an optimal learning environment for our programs and supports the needs of bright children who are seeking to be challenged at a high level and at pace.

We achieve this consistency in class composition by admitting students who meet our entry testing requirements.

Not all students who sit our entry tests pass the assessment. It is important for parents to have and set realistic expectations in a supportive manner for their children to avoid unnecessary disappointment if the requirements of the entry test are not met.

The test reflects children’s maturity and skills at a certain point in time. Children may sit the test again after 12 months if they do not pass. For some children, the extra time and maturity is sufficient for them to have developed the skills to meet the test benchmarks.

Remember that the test measures suitability for our programs. It does not mean children who sit the test are not bright or gifted. There are other avenues for enrichment and extended learning outside of The Swot Shop programs that you can explore if your child is not successful in gaining access.

Register for the entry test today and set your child on a path to academic success.