Educational Resources & Links for Parents

Here you can access articles, resources, tips and ideas on giftedness and how to support a bright child. The resources below come from a range of Australian and international sources.

The content has been curated to provide you with easy access to information that may be of interest to you. The sources do not necessarily represent the views of The Swot Shop but may be useful to parents and educators who are supporting bright and gifted children.

Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented

The Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT) is a national organisation committed to furthering the education and wellbeing of gifted students.

Through evidence-based leadership, advocacy, collaboration, education and communication, the Association strives for the vision that all gifted students across the nation be recognised and have their intellectual and affective needs met through appropriate educational provision.

The Association has a resource library with articles for both parents and teachers and publishes a peer reviewed magazine twice a year called The Australasian Journal for Gifted Education.


GERRIC is located within the School of Education at the University of New South Wales. GERRIC was established by Emeritus Professor Miraca Gross and is devoted to gifted education research, professional development of educators, programs for gifted students, courses for parents, gifted program evaluations in schools/school systems, and gifted education resources/information in the Asia Pacific region and the southern hemisphere.

GERRIC offers workshops for educators, school holiday programs for gifted students, masterclasses in gifted education facilitated by renowned experts, and gifted education conferences.

Mensa for Kids

Mensa for Kids is a free resource from the Mensa Foundation which is committed to inspiring and empowering intelligence across all walks of life but especially in the minds of children. The Foundation developed Mensa for Kids for educators and teachers providing free, high quality, and diverse educational resources for kids of all ages, regardless of their affiliation with Mensa. Mensa for Kids is committed to adapting and growing as the fields of education and intelligence evolve.

The resources and information may interest parents who are looking for inspiration to support and engage their bright children in their learning journey.

The Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute is an American not-for-profit organisation that supports profoundly gifted children 18 years and under. They provide a community, opportunities, and resources for profoundly gifted young people and their families.

The Davidson Institute has a resource library with information, tools and articles that Australian parents and educators may find useful.

NSW Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education has published a High Potential and Gifted Policy. With this policy, tips are provided to assist parents in identifying signs of giftedness and how to support and/or respond if children are not sufficiently challenged at school.

Selective High School Information (NSW)

Selective high schools in NSW provide a learning environment designed for academically gifted and high potential students. The NSW Department of Education has published information about the selective schooling system in NSW along with information about the benefits of selective schooling, where these are located and how to apply for enrolment via an entry test.

Opportunity Class Information (NSW)

Opportunity classes in NSW cater for high potential and intellectually gifted students in Years 5 and 6. The NSW Department of Education has published information about opportunity classes including information about the benefits of opportunity classes, where these are located and how to apply for enrolment via an entry test.

The Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is published by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). The Australian Curriculum describes to teachers, parents, students and others in the wider community what is to be taught to students in Australian primary and secondary schools and the quality of learning expected of young people as they progress through school.

The Australian Curriculum includes a section on meeting the needs of gifted and talented students with resources and links to further information.

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