OC Test Success

Opportunity Class Exam Preparation

At The Swot Shop, we recognise the unique needs of academically gifted children and have tailored our Opportunity Class (OC) Exam Preparation Program to nurture these bright young minds.

Program information

  • Students attend classes once per week for two hours on weekdays or weekends.
  • Each class runs for 2 hours over 1 semester.
  • Each semester is 20 weeks.
  • Classes run from Term 1 to Term 2.
  • There are no classes during school holidays.
  • Students can enrol for a semester or a single term.
  • It is not possible to enrol once the program has started.

Benefits of Our OC Preparation Program

Our OC Preparation Program is structured to foster in-depth understanding and mastery over a wide array of topics, including advanced reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking skills. How our program is different:

Specialised Curriculum

We offer a challenging curriculum tailored to the specific format of the OC entry exam, ensuring students become adept at answering complex questions in key subject areas.

Qualified Teachers

Our dedicated team of qualified teachers specialise in guiding gifted students, helping them to harness their innate abilities and maximise their academic potential.

Strategic Exam Techniques

Students learn effective exam strategies, honing their skills in time management, question analysis and critical thinking to excel under exam conditions.

Competitive Edge

Our program is competitive and rigorous, designed for those who are academically strong and thrive in an environment that pushes the boundaries of conventional learning.

Holistic Skill Development

Beyond academics, we focus on developing the whole student, including their confidence, discipline, and problem-solving abilities, all crucial for long-term success.

Entry Requirements

Admission to this competitive program requires students to undertake an entry test that assesses their readiness to tackle the demanding nature of OC classes.

At The Swot Shop, we are passionate about helping each student realise their full potential. If your child demonstrates a strong academic foundation and a desire to achieve excellence, our OC Preparation Program is the perfect stepping stone to their future success.

Register for the entry test today and set your child on a path to academic success.