Program Suitability

Is The Swot Shop Right for Your Child?

The Swot Shop programs are unique and have been developed specifically for the purpose of adding value to students’ education.

From past students we know that our programs can have a long-lasting and often life-long positive impact. They stimulate higher level thinking and sharpen students’ appreciation of what it takes for them to achieve their full potential.

Our programs are designed for bright and gifted learners and are academically challenging and best suited to children who are highly motivated with a love of learning.

Our entry test system has been developed to identify the children who, based on our many years of experience, are most likely to benefit from our programs.

Below are some questions parents might want to ask themselves before taking the next step:

Students who join The Swot Shop programs will be challenged and required to apply themselves with commitment and energy to the weekly classes in order to benefit from the academic enrichment and extension that the programs offer. This requires academic potential and the appetite for acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Swot Shop teachers are qualified and experienced primary and secondary school teachers who focus on providing students with a learning experience that exercises their higher level of thinking and encourages them to reach their academic potential in small group. This is done in a way that is engaging and fun using a variety of teaching methods and approaches that may include puzzles, games, quizzes, competitions in an environment that may be less structured than school settings. Other programs have a more structured learning environment resulting in students exhibiting their personal potential.

Most bright children thoroughly enjoy this learning environment. For some students a more structured learning environment works best.

Our programs require students to develop discipline and age-appropriate independence in the way they conduct themselves in class and in their approach to independent learning. This is an important part of the learning process and fosters the ability to self-organise in relation to learning and education.
When students start their Swot Shop journey, they also become part of a supportive environment that fosters friendships and a sense of belonging. We know from experience that this can help to nurture bright children’s natural gifts in a way that encourages them to become keen life-long learners.

Join us on the path to excellence

Discover the difference of the Swot Shop approach. With our commitment to critical thinking, personalised learning, and academic excellence, we’re here to support your child’s journey to success. Learn more about how we can contribute to your child’s bright future.